Tips for Enduring Winter in the South

January 19th, 2021 by

Love it or hate it – winter is here! Let’s get you and your vehicle prepared for those colder days.  

Check Your Battery

While you may enjoy the cold, your car’s battery does not. Why? Car batteries rely on chemical reactions to work, and low temperatures slow or stop those reactions, reducing your battery’s ability to perform. If your battery is too cold for too long, it may even cause permanent damage.  

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent your battery from failing.  

  • Drive: Driving just 10 minutes each day could make a big difference. The engine running will warm up your battery.  
  • Conserve: Use lights and radio sparingly. Don’t overexert your battery. 
  • Test: Get your battery checked with our service team. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you. 

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Vehicle maintenance is imperative all year-round, but it’s even more essential during the winter. As the temperature decreases, typically, your tire pressure will decrease as well. Your tires can lose 1-2 pounds per square inch (PSI) for every 10 change in temperature. If the temperature drops 20 over a weekend, your tires can potentially lose 4 PSI, and driving on underinflated tires will have adverse effects: 

  • Increased stopping time: Underinflated tires can increase braking time resulting in skidding on wet pavement. 
  • Low fuel economy: Underinflated tires can lower gas mileage. 
  • Decreased tire lifespan: Underinflation can decrease your tires’ lifespan by making them more vulnerable to damage. The damage leads to you having to buy more tires, more often. 

Check your tires before driving, or each time you fill up! Then, next time you’re in for service at your local Ray Brandt Service Department, ask your friendly advisor if nitrogen is right for your tires! 

Utilize Key Features

Low temperatures are not comfortable for anyone, even those who love this time of year. Luckily, vehicles now offer many different temperature comfort features to help keep you warm. 

In the past, buyers could only find such features in luxury vehicles. Today, however, more and more manufacturers are including these features in all their cars, and buyers see the value in these features. Once you’ve experienced these fancy features, it’s hard to live without them. Some of the features you’ll love include: 

  • Heated Seats 
  • Heated Steering Wheel 
  • Remote Starteven right from your phone! 

Our staff is very knowledgeable about all our vehicles and their key features.  

To learn more, schedule an appointment with one of our Sales Consultants today!