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Crazy Things Made with a 3D Printer

3D Printer Kenner

A 3D printer is where you take a digital file, created from the printer files and you create 3D solid objects with it. It basically takes the concept of an ordinary printer and gives you more options. The printer prints out one object at a time, layering each one at the right cross-section. You can… Read more »

Top Skills to Help Survive an Apocalypse

Skills To Survive an Apocalypse New Orleans

Tensions are rising across the planet. Disaster may strike soon and you need to arm yourself with life-saving techniques. If Zombies really did ever take over, here are the top skills you would need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. If Hollywood has been wrong all these years and Zombies never to emerge, don’t worry because you will… Read more »

Battle of New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans

New Orleans is a wonderful city with a rich history. Thousands of people go there each year to enjoy music, cuisine, and entertainment. One of their most popular events in New Orleans is the Mardi Gras. Most people aren’t aware of the Battle of New Orleans that sparked the final battle of the War of… Read more »

Keep Your Healthy Resolutions at One of these Great Gyms in Kenner

New Year's Resolution to get healthy in Kenner

It is the period of the year when everyone is making a decision, and one of the resolutions is to slim. This one of the greatest opportunity for the gyms in Kenner to make money. According To Google’s research, the gym’s membership increases in the month of January in most gyms in Kenner. There are… Read more »

Join us for Krewe du Vieux

Krewe du Vieux New Orleans

Many people think of Mardi Gras only happening one day a year in New Orleans when in actuality it is a several month long series of events that accumulate on Fat Tuesday. One of the best known parades is Krewe de Vieux. Krewe de Vieux Parade Krewe de Vieux is typically one of the first… Read more »

Crush Boredom at the Superdome!

New Orleans Superdome Events Harvey

There is so much to do and see at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans! Of course, if football is your sport, then you can, of course, see our great Saints fight hard on the gridiron when there is a home game. But what about when they are out of town, or football season isn’t… Read more »

The House of Blues is Where You Want to be in 2017

House of Blues in New Orleans

You don’t want to miss the variety of colorful events and exciting moments coming to the House of Blues in New Orleans in 2017. There is a little bit of something for everyone coming up at this Historic New Orleans Venue. Jet Lounge in the Parish Exactly 11: 00 PM on 4th January 2016 the doors… Read more »

10 Amazing New Years Dessert Ideas

New Years Desserts - Kenner

New Years parties are filled with fun, friends and food. Deserts are a large part of the food that can be found at many a new year party. Finding something that is new and inventive to tantalize the taste-buds of your guests will make your party stand out and be memorable. Fruits We all know… Read more »