Sell Your Car


Selling Your Car to a Ray Brandt Dealership

Do you own a vehicle that you no longer use? Allowing you car to sit without being driven regularly can actually do more damage to the vehicle than good. Don’t let your old car take up unnecessary space. Allow us to take the vehicle off of your hands for you!


Let us buy your car.

Even if you aren’t searching for a new car from one of our dealers, we will gladly buy your vehicle from you. Our dealerships are continually searching for quality cars, trucks and SUVs to purchase. Tell us about the car that you are looking to sell, and we will quickly provide you with a GREAT purchase offer. Get money for your old car by selling it to a Ray Brandt Dealer today.


Let us sell your car.

Maybe you have been looking to sell your vehicle with little to no luck. Don’t worry. We will happily sell your car for you. In preparation for selling your vehicle, we will list your car on our website, Craigslist, AutoTrader and other markets that we advertise within. This helps to get your car in front of thousands of buyers overnight, and increases the chances of your vehicle selling quickly. Let us relieve you of the hard work and hassles of selling by taking the calls and finalizing the deal for you.