Fall Film Festivals to Please Everyone

Fall Film Festivals New Orleans

In the last few years, film making has been on the rise in Louisiana. Many blockbuster movies are now being filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana. Film festivals across the state give independent filmmakers and small companies a chance to show their work with even some people coming from other areas of the world to show their masterpiece.

New Orleans Film Festivals

New Orleans hosts a week-long film festival with entries in eight different categories, including two for filmmakers who reside in Louisiana alone. In 2013, the New Orleans Film Festival was voted as one of the “Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.”

New Orleans also hosts the 48 Hour Film Project in which film teams will write, shoot, edit and score a short film in just 48 hours. Filmmakers are assigned a character, prop, dialogue, and a genre, and submit their film only 48 hours later.

New Orleans Film Festival 2016

Shreveport Film Festivals

The city of Shreveport hosts a contest and film festival called Louisiana Film Prize, which gives the largest cash price for a short film in the world of $50,000. Filmmakers must shoot their film in the vicinity of city of the Shreveport to be eligible to enter the contest. Located in downtown Shreveport, this started in 2013 and has grown tremendously since that time and has resulted in millions of dollars of economic impact on the city.

Louisiana Film Prize 2016

Baton Rouge Film Festivals

The Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF) is located in Baton Rouge, and people from all over the world travel to this yearly. It sets a platform for many new artists with special attention to the local Louisiana filmmakers. It has played a major role in promoting the growth of the Louisiana film industry.

Louisiana International Film Festival 2016

Film festivals make it possible for people to see the work of many different types of films, and also gives filmmakers a chance to display their work and network at the same time. The many different festivals across the state of Louisiana have something to offer for every type of film.