College Rebate with Ray Brandt

College requires a lot of things- countless hours studying, tuition, boxes of microwave noodles, and ridiculously expensive textbooks galore. Your campus may be a few minutes from home, or a few hours. No matter the distance, you’ll need a reliable vehicle to get you and all your things home and on the road to your new career. Let us at the Ray Brandt Auto Group help get you there!

How to Participate

You’ve worked hard to earn that degree, which is why we offer our College Rebate Program to reward current college students and recent college graduates. Your tuition is expensive, but buying or leasing a car doesn’t have to be! Ask us at any of our Ray Brandt Auto Group dealerships if you qualify to participate. You must provide the necessary information and proof of enrollment or graduation at the time of purchase. Please see your preferred dealer for details.

Our Dealerships

Ray Brandt Auto Group offers multiple locations over the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Please visit our homepage to see the inventories for ALL locations to display the depth of our offering and as a convenience to you in searching for a vehicle. You can also select one our dealership locations to view the specials and inventories your local dealership is offering.

Thank you for choosing the Ray Brandt Auto Group to provide you your vehicle during your college experience. We congratulate you on furthering your education and wish you the best of luck!