Amazing Lessons Learned from Disney Movies

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If you weren’t living under a rock in the over the last 50 years, chances are you’ve seen one or two Disney Movies (or more). Growing up, these movies not only entertained us but also taught us valuable lessons about life and how to treat one another. Here are three important life lessons you can… Read more »

Top 10 Music Venues in New Orleans

Musical instruments on an empty stage at a music venue

New Orleans is a city that is known for its rich musical history. If you want to check out the local music scene, you should jump into your Hyundai and visit these great music venues! Mother-In-Law Lounge Kermit’s Treme Mother-In-Law Lounge was established by famed blues singer Ernie K. Doe. He named the club after… Read more »

Best Home Improvement Shows on Netflix

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If you enjoy checking out the work that others have done on their homes or watching others bring about changes in their homes, you’re in luck! Sign into your Netflix account and check out the many different entertainment options open to you. There are so many shows that you can watch that will allow you to… Read more »

8 Great Date Night Spots Around the City

Couple Enjoying Date Night Out At Cocktail Bar

If you need a relaxing night out with your significant other, then look no further than these amazing date night ideas around the city. Hop in your Toyota and go see what all the fuss is about! Chris Owens Nightclub Chris Owens Nightclub is a great venue in downtown New Orleans. It’s the perfect place to… Read more »

Crazy Things Made with a 3D Printer

3D Printer Kenner

A 3D printer is where you take a digital file, created from the printer files and you create 3D solid objects with it. It basically takes the concept of an ordinary printer and gives you more options. The printer prints out one object at a time, layering each one at the right cross-section. You can… Read more »

Top Skills to Help Survive an Apocalypse

Skills To Survive an Apocalypse New Orleans

Tensions are rising across the planet. Disaster may strike soon and you need to arm yourself with life-saving techniques. If Zombies really did ever take over, here are the top skills you would need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. If Hollywood has been wrong all these years and Zombies never to emerge, don’t worry because you will… Read more »